Premium Listing

Reveal Nepal offer our clients with 2 options of Listing their Businesses and Services in our website.

  • Free Listing Package
  • Premium Listing Package

If you want to add your listing in Free Package, you can simply fill out the form in ADD LISTING page and it will be manually approved by our admins.

If you want to add your listing in Premium Package, you need to Pay a Certain Amount of Money as Service Charge to the website. Why should you make your business listing Premium? Well, there are many reasons why you should. So, here are some main reasons and benefits of making your listing a Premium one:


1. Your Listing will be displayed at the Home Page under Featured Business Profiles



2. Your Listing will be seen on Top of your Listing Category Page



3. Your Listing will be Boosted in our Facebook Page


We will boost your listing in our Facebook Page if you have a Premium Listing in our Directory Website. Paid Facebook Advertising for your Business will be done which will surely bring more customers to your business from Facebook market. Facebook Advertising Days will be based on our customer’s interest, for how many days you want to run Facebook Ad Campaign.


Already seems like a Great Investment right?

Why not? Well, you will get more customers and clients from this advertisement technique.

Just Rs. 500 a month will yield you more businesses.

Start Your Premium Listing Package for just Rs. 500 Today!!


For more details contact us at or Direct Call at 9808132546, 9815420175